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Deirdre Smith, Happy Place Organizing

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 I am excited to be given the privilege to serve as President of NAPO-NNJ. This term will mark my 5th term on the board. Previously, I served for 2 years as Secretary (2015-2017), then 2 years as Vice President (2017-2019). I joined NAPO as soon as I formed my business, Happy Place Organizing, in 2012 and it was one of the best decisions I made, both professionally and personally. As President of NNJ, I aim to make your experiences with the chapter as beneficial and positive as possible. I hope you will become involved, whether for a volunteering day, as a committee member or maybe step into a board position (it’s really quite fun being on the board!). Looking forward to a great year ahead!

Vice President

Angela Murray, Simple Solutions, LLC

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It is with great pleasure that I step into my role as Vice President for NAPO-NNJ. I started my business, Simple Solutions, LLC, about three years ago and immediately got involved with the NNJ chapter. After leaving a more than 20 year career in communications and marketing to focus on professional organizing, I am delighted to continue to bring my vast experience to my role on the NAPO-NNJ Executive Board and help further increase awareness for my 2019/2020 term.


Eileen Moynahan, Legacy Estate Organizing, LLC

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I am happy to continue serving the NAPO-NNJ Board as its Secretary for another year!  I joined the chapter in 2016 after opening my business, Legacy Estate Organizing, LLC.  I serve as a financial partner to executors administering their loved one’s estate — locating assets and learning more about the deceased loved one in the process.  The attention to detail required by my business lends itself to the position of Secretary, and I sincerely hope that my particular niche of organizing adds to NAPO’s wider circle of outstanding organizing and productivity professionals.


Andrea Walker, Smartly Organized, LLC 

(917) 846-9953  |

I am the owner of Smartly Organized, LLC.  We serve clients all over the Tri-state area and beyond.  Our focus is making your move smooth and easy! This will be my eighth consecutive year volunteering on the Chapter Board having previously served as the Director of Marketing (2011-2014), Director at Large (2014-2015) Chapter President (2015-2017), and Immediate Past President (2017-2019).  It is my honor to support the Chapter President and the entire Board of Directors as we continue to focus on educational programming, member development, and industry awareness. 

Immediate Past President

Katie Tracy, Simple Spaces, LLC 

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I am the owner of Simple Spaces LLC serving Middlesex County and the surrounding areas.  I am honored to serve as the Immediate Past President of the Northern New Jersey chapter.  This is my eighth board term as I have previously served as the chapter’s Secretary (2012-2015), Vice President (2015-2017), and President (2017-2019).  I look forward to continuing the chapter’s great history of amazing programming and education, community collaboration, and industry advancement. 

Director of Administration

Diane Thomson, Thomson Blueprints for Living, LLC

(973) 534-7974  |

I am an “old-timer”. I have been in business since 2003, initially as Creative Organizing, LLC, however in 2016 I rebranded my business to Thomson Blueprints for Living, LLC to reflect all the changes it has gone through over the years. I have served prior as the Director of Professional Development & Programs for 2 terms (2008-2010) and as the Director-at-Large for 2 terms (2011-2013). As Director-at-Large, I lead an ad hoc committee which took the board’s job descriptions under review and rewrote them in the format they are today. I missed the close comradeship with my colleagues, so I am back on the board as the Director of Administration, a role that returns me to the tasks of maintaining the chapters operations documents and history. Someone has to do it!

Director of Membership

Jessica Kennedy, JOY, LLC

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I’ve been the owner of JOY, LLC since 2009 but didn’t join NAPO til 2016.  I kick myself for not becoming a member 10 years ago.  Connecting with NAPO and NAPO-NNJ is like connecting to the tribe I didn’t know I needed. It is with a sense of pride that I serve on the board as Director of Membership.  This is my second term in this position.  Volunteering as a board member has allowed me to have more in depth conversations with members as well as form new friendships.  I am excited for what this term will bring for us as and I look forward to working with you all to strengthen and grow our chapter.

Director of Professional Development & Programs

Ellen Smith, iDeClutter, LLC 

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Ellen Smith has been organizing for more than 11 years through her business iDeclutter, LLC. She has has been a member of NAPO National and NAPO NNJ for nearly 8 years. Ellen is proud to have been named Member of the year in 2018 by the NNJ chapter. She has been Director of Programming for the chapter since June 2018. Ellen is excited to continue in her same role on the board for 2019-2020.

Director of Communication & Technology

Russ Tybus, Morris Organizers, LLC 

(973) 531-7391  |  

I am the proud co-owner of Morris Organizers, LLC., based out of Chester, NJ. I have been an active volunteer in our chapter since joining in 2012, working on the Holiday Party committee, the home show committee, serving as the librarian for two years, and now continuing my services as the Director of Communication and Technology.  In my sixth term as DCT I look forward to continuing to enhance and streamline our NAPO-NNJ website, making the site more user-friendly, and highlighting all of the member benefits held therein. I was honored to be named the NAPO-NNJ "Organizer of the Year" in 2014-2015. 

Director of Business Partners

Tina Mezzina, College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

(201) 852-6612  |

I am excited and honored to be the Director of Business Partners for NAPO-NNJ and will bring my enthusiasm to my role on the Board. In my position as Business Development Manager with College H.U.N.K.S. Hauling Junk and Moving, I have been a member of NAPO since 2018. I'm looking forward to strengthening the relationship between our business partners and NAPO members, and increasing membership with outside companies. To quote Robert Kiyosaki: "The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work."   

Director of Marketing

Sindi Nqobo-Mensahn, Sindi's Touch Clutter Queen, LLC

(973) 392-0986  |

I am the owner and founder of Sindi's Touch Clutter Queen since 2012, joined NAPO 2015 and became a member of NNJ NAPO 2017.I am excited about being a team player and sharing ideas with other members and passionate about being a Professional Organizer

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