NAPO-NNJ COVID-19 Response

Extensive discussions took place among Board members in late March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent shutdown ordered by governor in New Jersey (and other states). President Deirdre Smith drafted and emailed a COVID letter to NNJ membership on 3/27. Board members agreed that we should take a proactive stance to support membership during this crisis. Secretary, Eileen Moynahan, designed a logo and proposed Stone Soup Series to Executive Board members on 3/26. Executive Board met virtually on 3/27 to discuss member engagement, the Stone Soup Series proposal, and April virtual calendar of events. Board members collectively worked to create a variety of events for April virtual calendar, to include Open Forum, Coffee and Sip events, BP Resources, Outside Resources, and Free Offers to NNJ members. 3/29 Secretary created and shared Stone Soup Series email format and April calendar with Executive Board; she incorporated revisions and shared with full Board on 3/30. First official SSS email sent to all members on 3/31. SSS emails and virtual calendar continued through April, May, and into June 2020.

List of series events and meetings during shutdown:

  • 4/1/2020 - BP Resource, "Generating Revenue Remotely," Erin-Marie Wallace of The RealReal
  • 4/2/2020 - Open Forum, "Your Covid Calendar," Katie Tracy of Simple Spaces
  • 4/6/2020 - NAPO DC Chapter meeting, open to all NAPO members
  • 4/7/2020 - BP Resource, "How We're Working Now," Tina Mezzina of College Hunks
  • 4/9/2020 - Coffee & Donuts, hosted by Erin-Marie Wallace of The RealReal
  • 4/16/2020 - Sip 'n Chill, hosted by Sindi Nqobo-Mensahn of Sindi's Touch Clutter Queen
  • 4/16/2020 - BP Resource, "Good Art, Bad Art or Not Art," Erin-Marie Wallace of The RealReal
  • 4/21/2020 - Open Forum, "Creating a Free Offer," Cena Block of Sane Spaces
  • 4/27/2020 - NAPO-NNJ Virtual Chapter meeting
  • 4/28/2020 - SSS: A Word from BP Two Maids and a Mop
  • April Free Offer: Free national search for unclaimed assets with Eileen Moynahan of Legacy Estate Organizing
  • 5/6/2020 - Coffee & Donuts, hosted by Deborah Gussoff of In Order
  • 5/21/2020 - SSS: A Word from The Junkluggers of Northern New Jersey
  • 5/27/2020 - Virtual presentation, "The Causes of Clutter: Looking at the Economy, American Lifestyle, and Marketing," Katie Tracy of Simple Spaces
  • May Free Offer: Free virtual wardrobe consult with Ellen Smith of iDeclutter
  • 5/18/2020 - NAPO-NNJ Virtual Chapter meeting
  • 6/2/2020 - Coffee 'n Donuts, hosted by Erin-Marie Wallace of The RealReal
  • 6/22/2020 - NAPO-NNJ Virtual Chapter meeting

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